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St Philip’s Church Centre, Dorridge & St James’, Bentley Heath

Rules for Use of Venue (Version 1.1, November 2021)

The Hirer (as defined in the Booking Form) will comply, and will ensure that all persons engaged in the Hirer’s activities comply, with the following rules relating to use of St Philip’s Church Centre or St James’, Bentley Heath.

1.       General rules

·         At the end of each period of hire:

o    All windows and doors must be shut/locked.

o    Curtains/blinds must be returned to their daylight position.

o    Tables and chairs must be left/returned to where they were found before the booking.

o    Lights must be switched off.

o    Rubbish/bin bags must be removed and placed in the outside bins provided.

·         No dogs (other than guide/assistance dogs) are allowed on the premises.

·         The following items must not be used in any of the Venues:

o   Party poppers

o   Glitter

o   Chewing gum

o   Talc or dancing chalk

o   No playdough in carpeted areas

·         Any balloons must be removed from the Venue at the end of the hire period.

·         Smoking or the use of e-cigarettes is not allowed anywhere within the building or in the grounds.  

·         No ball games are allowed (other than where agreed as part of the booking).

·         The Hirer and their members/guests must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner with due consideration to other users, members of the public, staff and volunteers. Verbal abuse or any form of action which could cause discomfort or risk to others will not be tolerated.

·         No intoxicating liquors are to be brought, sold or consumed on any part of the site without our express permission.

·         Illegal substances must not be brought onto the premises under any circumstances.


2.       Cleaning & Tidying

·         Hire times must include time for set up, clearing away and cleaning after use.

·         The Hirer is responsible for leaving the booked Venue and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition. A selection of cleaning equipment is provided for the Hirer’s use.

·         Any additional charges incurred in cleaning or rearranging the Venue after the Hirer’s use will be passed on to the Hirer.

·         The Hirer is encouraged to use the bins available for recyclable materials.

·         Any dirty nappy bags must be taken home, and not placed in any of the on-site bins.


3.       Use of Kitchen

·         When using the kitchen, the Hirer must follow the rules displayed in the kitchen.

·         No children are allowed in the kitchen at any time.

·         Only users who have been trained are allowed to the kitchen equipment.

·         Any kitchen equipment used by the Hirer must be cleaned and returned to the cupboard it was taken from.

·         No food/items may be left in the fridge/freezer or the cupboards without prior consent. Any items left will be removed and disposed of.

·         Any breakages must be notified to the Parish Office. We reserve the right to charge for breakages.


4.       Notices

·         The notice boards are for our use only. If you wish to display a notice, please contact the Parish Office. Unauthorised notices will be removed.

·         No notices, decorations or signs may be attached to the fabric of the building without  our prior agreement.

·         The Hirer must not use tape, staples, blu tak (or equivalent) to fix anything to the fabric of the building. The costs of making good to any damage will be charged to the Hirer.


5.       Health and Safety

·         Users must read and comply with our Health & Safety Policy which is displayed on the notice board.

·         Health and Safety incidents or accidents must always be reported to the Parish Office as soon as possible and in any event on the day of the event/meeting.

·         A First Aid Box is located in the kitchen.


6.       Fire precautions & Fire alarms 

·         Emergency exits must not be blocked at any time.

·         Fire extinguishers must not be covered or moved from their designated positions (for example, to prop open doors).

·         The Hirer must not use candles, live flame or smoke machines or use any other chemicals or equipment that risks activating the fire alarm. Temporary lights must not be used near curtains or other fabrics.

·         In the event of a fire, or if you hear the fire alarm, please evacuate the premises in an orderly manner using appropriate exits. We ask that you keep a list of your members/guests names. You will be responsible for making sure that all of your members/guests are accounted for.


7.       Loss and Damage

·         Any damage, breakage or loss must be reported to the Parish Office immediately after the period of hire.

·         We take no responsibility for use, loss, theft or damage to any items used or stored by the Hirer at the Venue.


8.       Wifi

·         The password for the guest Wifi is available on request from the Parish Office.

·         Anyone using the guest wifi must agree to the terms and conditions as detailed on our website.


9.       Noise

·         Noise and vibration must not emanate from the building so as to cause a nuisance to our neighbours.

·         Due consideration must be given to neighbouring residents on arrival and departure, and during the hire period.

10.   Parking

·         Users are encouraged to walk, use public transport or car share where possible.

·         Limited free parking is available on site on a first come, first served basis. Vehicles may only be parked in the marked parking bays.

·         Users are discouraged from parking on local streets (and should be aware that parking restrictions apply). Parking is available on the Chiltern Railways car park behind St Philip’s Church Centre (on a free of charge basis at weekends).

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Booking Co-ordinator if you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions or your booking on Tel: 01564 775652 or email: