The Bible is the word of God. In it we can read and discover all we need to know to grow in faith, develop a knowledge and understanding of God, and grow in our personal relationship with Him. God's word in the Bible helps us to live life as God created us to live it in this world.


Christians believe God has made himself known to people of the world as:

  • The Father, who is the creator and source of all being and life
  • Jesus, the Son of God, who lived a fully human life, died on the cross and was raised from the dead to point us to God
  • The Holy Spirit, who lives in us and gives power to everyone who puts their faith and trust in God, through Jesus


We believe, as human beings, we were originally created for a life with God, but we have all drifted away from God's standards and patterns for a good and healthy life. Therefore, we need to be rescued from life without God, which is death, and this is why God sent Jesus, His Son. Jesus stepped into our human world to show us life as God created it to be lived and to offer us a way back to that life with Him.

Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is present in the life of every Christian and that, if we choose to allow Him, He will be active in our lives. The Holy Spirit can help us to apply what we read in the Bible to our hearts and the way we live, enabling us to experience forgiveness ourselves, and to forgive others, as well as empowering and gifting us so that, through us, God can be made known in the world, demonstrating His love and power.


Human beings are the summit of God's creation, made in the image of God, expressed in our free will, and in our creative ability. God loves humanity and desires that every individual should live in a loving relationship with Him.


Salvation is not merely about the hope of heaven after we die. It is also about living life in all its fullness here, now, and forever, in a loving relationship with God, with other people who share this world with us, and with ourselves.

The Church

The Church is the people of God in the world, set apart to:

  • express our love for God in our service and worship of Him
  • express our love for our neighbour in our service of others
  • demonstrate life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • be in the world, proclaiming and demonstrating God's Kingdom, love and power, and His offer of life to all people


We believe God gives gifts by the power of His Holy Spirit, to all Christian people and these are given so that the church may be strengthened and encouraged in its faith, service and worship, and its witness to the world.

We believe some people are called and gifted to serve with specific gifts such as prophetically speaking the word of God, healing the sick, leading and serving in the church, and evangelistically proclaiming the good news of God in the world.


Baptism is the mark of having responded in faith to the invitation of the love of God into a personal relationship with Him and signifies a personal commitment to try to follow the way of Jesus faithfully in this world.

The Commission

Jesus commissions all His disciples and followers so that, as we are going about our lives in the world, we will share with others the good news of God's love and the invitation to follow Him to a life in relationship with God as our Father in heaven.

The Coming King

Christians believe that Jesus, who came 2000 years ago (born in Bethlehem as Saviour and friend of sinners, to call and invite people into a personal relationship with God) will one day come again as Lord and judge of all people and, on that day, He will be recognised and acknowledged by all.