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Booking a room at St Philip's Church Centre

St P Front

The new, modern St Philip's Church Centre provides a number of spaces available which can be used for a range of activities; you will find a description of each are below.

If you are interested in making a booking, please complete one of our enquiry forms, and we will be in contact. Just click the link here:   ENQUIRY FORM

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Worship Space

Worship Space

This large open plan flexible space is the main room for regular church worship, but is designed to be used for many more activities.

Seating for 350 people with a full sound and AV system makes this space ideal for large public gatherings, while the design also allows the space to be used more freely  for small groups or classes.



The Worship Space opens out into the entrance foyer area, which can be used for refreshments or gathering. The doors to the worship area can be opened and this space can be used to seat around 70 people for an event in the worship area. 

Beacon Hall


Hall plan

The hall measures approx. 15metres by 12.5 metres and is finished with a wood herringbone vinyl floor making it an ideal space for sports and activities. 

Gateway Studio


A large room with a sloping roof, with space for approx 40 guests seated in rows.

The floor is finished in dark wood vinyl flooring and with access directly outside makes it ideal for small exercise / activity classes.

Anchor Room


The Anchor room was built with children in mind and has its own ensuite toilet. 

Booking at St James' Church

St James' Church is located in Bentley Heath School. The area has it's own kitchen and toilets, and is ideal for smaller gatherings of up to 50 people.