Pray for those in need

Those in need of healing: 

· Laura Baker

· Amber Hindle

· Karen Byron

· Tony Kirkman

· Agneta Harper

· Mary Pegg & family

· Jean Smith

· Joy Hill Brown

· June Williams

· Yhrima Bayliss

· Mac & Betty McBride

· Peter Scragg

· John Harris

· Carol Mole

· Beatrice Henrick

Pray for Our links with Friends of the Holy Land, an organisation who support Christians and   communities in the Holy Land.

Bereavements: Following the death of Rowena Coppin, Ann Jones’ mother, please pray for Ann and

Rowena’s family & friends.

Following the death of Steven Skakel’s Uncle Bill please pray for Steven, Sally and Uncle Bill’s family & friends. 

The new Praying Together books will be with us in the next few days. There has been a delay in printing. A digital copy is available from the news page on the website.