Pray for those in need

Those in need of healing: 

· Laura Baker
· Amber Hindle
· Karen Byron
· Tony Kirkman
· Agneta Harper
· Mary Pegg & family
· Joy Hill Brown
· June Williams
· Yhrima Bayliss
· John Harris
· Carol Mole
· Beatrice Henrick
· Pat Pooler & her husband Ron
· Nick Ball
· John Williams
· Hamish McCullough & family
· Isla McCullough
· Gail Gilbert
· Pauline Martin

· Ann Speight

Pray for Sarah & Felipe Yanez our CMS link based in Malaga.

Pray for Ashleigh Lawrence as she with a group from Arden works in Uganda with the Zuri Project.


Margaret, Katherine, Tim and Susan thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for David during his illness, and also your prayers for us. While in the QE, God’s love, your prayers and their care have started a miracle that with time will lead to a good recovery.