Pray for those in need

Those in need of healing: 

· Laura Baker
· Amber Hindle
· Tony Kirkman
· Agneta Harper
· Mary Pegg & family
· Joy Hill Brown
· June Williams
· Yhrima Bayliss
· John Harris
· Pat Pooler & her husband Ron
· Hamish McCullough & family
· Gail Gilbert
· Pauline Martin
·  Ann Speight
· David Wright

· Connie
· Michael Irving

· Malcolm Wates

· Kevin Armstrong

Pray for our Diocesan links with Malawi.

Please pray for Paul, all the staff at P.G.S. Global Logistic Services and their families. P.G.S. have provided storage for the contents of St Philip's Church during the building project. For this service they have asked for no money, simply asked that we pray for them.