Pray for those in need

Those in need of healing: 

· Laura Baker
· Amber Hindle
· Karen Byron
· Tony Kirkman
· Agneta Harper
· Mary Pegg & family
· Jean Smith
· Joy Hill Brown
· June Williams
· Yhrima Bayliss
· Peter Scragg
· John Harris
· Carol Mole
· Beatrice Henrick
· Pat Pooler & her husband Ron
· Nick Ball
· John Williams
· Diane Hatchman

· Hamish McCullough & family

Pray for our links with The Children’s Society, a national charity that runs local projects, helping children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable

Bereavements: Following the death of Sheena Moss, Greg’s mother, please pray for Greg, Stephanie and Sheena’s family & friends. Sheena’s funeral will be on Monday 18th February, 2.30pm at Knowle Parish Church. Tea in St John’s Hall will follow the service.

Following the death of Daniel Williams, please pray for the Stamp family and Daniel’s family and friends.