Contemplative Prayer

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46v10 (NIV)

In our Contemplative Prayer Group, we take time out to wait on God in silent prayer, so we can listen to Him and come to know Him, rather than just know about Him.

These silent times of reflection give us an inner strength and conviction to draw on in our day-to-day lives, and are suitable for everyone, no matter where they are on their Christian journey.

This group is for anyone who wants to find a spirituality that makes sense of their life.

In the silence, as we allow God's life-giving word to saturate our hearts, minds and will, we become aware that God is already with us and are more able to allow Him to work in, and through, us.

As we focus our prayer on one passage of scripture from the Bible, we are able to let the transforming truth take over that God is in charge, and find Him in the very ground of our being.

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30 pm and spend one hour in prayer, followed by a time for tea, coffee and fellowship.

You are more than welcome to join us and, if you would like more details, why not email or call us.

We are affiliated to The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer.

Contemplative Word for the Month

“I am sending upon you my Father’s promised gift … stay here”

(Luke 24.49 NEB)

The risen Jesus promises the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit to his friends, and then he says, “So stay here … until you are clothed with power from on high”.  We can notice two things relevant to us today from these words.  

First, the promise is given at the end of a confusing, topsy-turvy first Easter Day, which had begun in darkness and despair and ends in light, joy and hope.  Jesus had told them earlier (John 14.16,26) that the Father’s promised gift, the Holy Spirit, will teach them everything and be with them for ever – the Spirit of truth.  He gives them new hope as he says he will send this promised gift.  We have been living through a dark time of confusion and uncertainty, shaken both individually and globally.  Like the friends of Jesus that first Easter, we may be confused and fearful.  If we are to be empowered to go forward and build back better, we will need the truth and the wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can teach us.

Second, Jesus tells them to wait till they “are clothed with power from on high.”  The promised gift will come in God’s own time, and they need to wait with expectation.  It’s the same for us, we need to wait too.  To “stay here and wait” can be an invitation to contemplative prayer, which can sometimes feel a bit of a blank!  We never know fully what God is doing in us, it’s beyond our comprehension.  What counts is our desire to be open and to wait.  God calls us, God takes the initiative, and we are simply responding.  Angela Ashwin helpfully describes this ‘staying here’ kind of prayer as a “Pool of Prayer”.

CP May 21 v2

So let’s be ready to receive anew this promised gift of the Spirit at Pentecost!

“I am sending upon you my Father’s promised gift”