Fund for the Needy 

Widows of Dornakal

This charity was set up by Joyce Ross when she worked in Dornakal as a teacher in the Deaf School in Dornakal Cathedral compound. The nearest city is Hyderabad, but the area is traditional agriculture and poor. Joyce was so challenged by the widows who are destitute and so set up the charity. She retired returning to live in Dorridge where Dorridge Methodists and ourselves have supported the charity ever since.

The highlight of the year is the Christmas Party for all the elderly. A meal  and a gift of a sheet and a new item of clothing is presented to everyone by Bishop Prasado Rao, Bishop of Dornakal. The 36 beneficiaries of the charity also receive a small monetary donation each month.

Anil Krupaker and his Aunt Kantha manage the charity in Dornakal. Here is an extract from his thank you letter-

‘We are very happy to inform you that By the grace of God and your prayers, we have celebrated our Widows Christmas party on 16th of December with grand scale. For this we have invited our Bishop thandrigaru and Bishop Thalligaru and local pastors and our beneficiaries. In the morning we have served breakfast and tea for our beneficiaries .and after we have sang Christmas songs .and i have speak to the gathering. After that we have served delicious food for the gathering for the lunch. For that we have served fried rice and chicken curry with dalcha and curds. Every body ate with joy and they have thanked the Lord for this wonderful  arrangements.


After   dinner the Christmas function started at around 3 :30 pm. Our Bishop Thandrigaru  came to the function and Our Bishop Thandrigaru gave a meaningful  Christmas message to the gathering. And our Bishop thandrigaru distributed Christmas gifts to our beneficiaries along with  your Christmas greeting cards which you have  sent through  Mrs. Kitty madam. And for the gifts we have given to each widow one nice saree with blouse and one blanket also and for each Widower we have given one shirt piece and one pant piece and a nice blanket. Everyone had received with   grateful hearts. And they are all very grateful to God almighty for the gifts and all the support and they are all sending their heartfelt thanks to you and all the sponsors for your love and great concerned for them. Everyone were happy on that day’. 

(Thandrigaru is the familiar name for Bishop Prasado Rao. Thandrigaru is his wife’s familiar name)

Our giving makes such a difference to so many lives and is much appreciated and maintains our links with Dornakal


Dornakal Cathedral


Anil Krupaker & family