Parish Walks

Our walks are suitable for everyone from adults, parents and children, to grandparents and young  people. And don't forget the dog!

Parish Walks are organised for every month of the year. For detailed information as to meeting point, contact the walks coordinators, Justin & Sarah Sasse.

The walks are approximately 3-4 miles long and start most often less than 10 miles from Dorridge. Often there is a chance for a pub lunch before the walks that in general are in the afternoon. There are no limits to numbers or age, so bring the kids, your friends and the dog.

You can find out where our next walk starts in the church newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you!

"I think Parish walks are exciting because it is a time when everyone can meet together. Not only that, but everyone can come and from any age. Dogs are also welcome. The walks are about 4 miles long and we try to avoid stiles. Another thing I like about Parish walks is that there is a break in the middle. You can bring a snack and eat it while you are with your friends or making new ones.

Normally there is a pub that you can come to for a meal before the walk. We all have a yummy lunch, but you can come just for a walk if you want.

Do come along!"