Our Good Neighbours Scheme aims to offer short term help for the practical and emergency needs of people living in Dorridge and Bentley Heath.

We have a team of 20 people who willingly offer their time and commitment to giving practical help to people in need and to demonstrating God's love and care in our community.

So many of the elderly in Dorridge and Bentley Heath don't have family nearby, or anyone to call on them regularly, and they find it a real comfort to know that we can offer them help in an emergency.

While the majority of the people we help are elderly, we also have given support to younger people and families when they need us, and we know that we can often make a real and tangible difference in people's lives.

In an emergency, we can offer short term help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, transport to doctors, hospital appointments or visiting, short term respite for carers, cooking occasional meals, writing letters and form filling.

There is no charge for what we do: we see it as an opportunity to show something of God's love to people.

As our team is small, obviously we help out as much as we can but we can only focus on people within our local community of Dorridge and Bentley Heath.

If you have a short term emergency and need our help, or you would like to volunteer to help our Good Neighbours Scheme, please contact the Parish Office.