Friendship Club

We have found that Saturdays can be the loneliest day of the week for many local people who are over 60 and whose families have grown up and left home, or who are suffering bereavement and loss.

This is why our Friendship Club meets generally on the second Saturday of each month, from 2.30 pm until 4.30 pm, at Dorridge Methodist Church.

The Friendship Club gives people an opportunity to talk, make new friendships and share memories and laughter about old times.

Everything we do is underlined by our commitment to the Christian values of caring for, and being interested in, those around us.

Our members really matter to us; we always send a card if someone is ill, or arrange a visit, and it is really encouraging to see friendships develop.

We normally have a different guest speaker every month and organise occasional          mid-week coffee mornings which are particularly useful if you are new to the area.

We make a point of picking everyone up from Dorridge and Bentley Heath so all of our members can attend the meetings, and we have 15 drivers who collect between 50 and 70 people each month.

Tea is very important at every event, so we always have sandwiches and cake, and our entrance fee is £3.

Dates for 2019

January 12th

A Wonderful World

Paul Carpenter

February 11th (Monday)

Lunch at The Forest Hotel (£20)

March 9th

Servants in the Victorian Era

 Jill Kashi

April 13th

My Little Black Dress

Mollie Murray

May 11th

The History of Hill Close Gardens, Warwick

Michael Sheldon

June 11th (Tuesday)

Cream Tea at Hilliers on the Ragley Hall Estate for £5 and shopping opportunities

July 13th

Melodies and Memories followed by Strawberry Tea

Graham Hall

August 10th

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

David Hare

September 14th

 The History of Nursery Rhymes

Sandy Leong

October 12th

 Making the Most of your Rations

 Jane Arnott

November 9th 

 Making Christmas Decorations

Shelia Revans 

December 18th (Wednesday)

Christmas Carol Service



click to download a copy of the 2019 Friendship Club Programme