Stewardship and Giving 

Study sessions for homegroups

In line with our current reading series, a new study on the subject of Generosity: Stewardship and Giving has been written for homegroups to use.

Below there is an introduction and guide for leaders and six session to follow, simply click on the text for the information:

Introduction & guide for leaders

Session 1 - Time

Session 2 - Gifts, skills & talents

Session 3 - Money

Session 4 - Relationships

Session 5 - Possessions

Session 6 - Mind & Body

Generosity Week

The Church of England is launching Generosity Week this year on 25 September 2022.  It is designed to give us the time and space to reflect on God’s generosity and to celebrate it within our church’s ministry and mission.

Further information on Generosity Week is available here