It is sad but a privilege for us to conduct a funeral or memorial service for you. These guidelines are to help you think about what you want before meeting with the clergy.

Sometimes the person who has died leaves instructions about what they want at the funeral. If so, you will probably want to respect their wishes. However a funeral is also meant to help you, so respecting your needs in the service is important too.

Once you have contacted your Funeral Director, they with the clergy will liaise with you to plan the service and committal. You may like to consider the following:


Who would you like to speak about the deceased? The clergy are very experienced at this but there may be somebody else you would prefer to give a tribute. One, two or three short tributes can be offered.


Is there any special music? If the funeral is taking place in church it needs to be suitable for playing on the organ. We are able to play CDs but you need to provide the recording in advance of the service. Choose hymns that you think people will be able to sing.


Do you or did the deceased have a favourite bible reading or poem to be read? Is there a friend or family member you would like to ask to do the reading?

Prayers:                                                                                                                                                 Do you have any favourite prayers? Would you like some music played for a time of silent reflection during the prayers? If you are printing a service sheet it is a good idea to print the words of the Lord’s Prayer.