Family Praying Together

This page has lots of ideas for helping you and your household enjoy praying together. Have a go at some of them and let us know how you get on…  

Lego Prayers

You will need: One Lego or Duplo brick per personLego

Hold your brick.

Pray for yourself. Thank God for the things he has given you.  Ask Him to bless you and to help you to bless others.

Count the bumps on your brick.

For each bump on your brick, pray for a different person- friends or family members.  Ask God to bless them this week.

Thank God for making each person special.  Thank him for the things that are different but special about other people.  Pray that we will learn how to celebrate and understand people who are different to us.

Swap your brick with someone.

Thank God for the person you swapped with and ask God to bless them this week.

Make a Blessings Jar

Find a jar (any size will do).   Decorate the jar if you wish.   On small pieces of paper writeBlessings Jar things that you are thankful for.    This can be big things or small things e.g. sunny days, ice cream, sledging in the snow. Jumping in puddles, popcorn, family film nights, donuts… 

Fold the pieces of paper up and put them in the jar. You can add more ideas as you think of them.

Put your jar in a place where you can all see it. The idea is that you can take it in turns to take a piece of paper out of the jar – say ‘Dear God, thank you for…. Amen’ with each blessing you take out.

Sweet Prayers

Open a packet of sweets and take it in turns to pick one. (You could do this eyes open or closed to make it more tricky.)

When you have your sweet, before you eat it, say a prayer asking God to help or do something for someone or something in that category (see below).

Eat your sweet as the next person takes theirs.sweets

Red: family

Purple: friends

Green: the environment/animals

Yellow: the world

Orange: school/work

(N.B. Change the colour code to fit the colours of the sweets you use.)

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