Who leads?

Our course is run by Gill and Richard Arbuthnot who have been living in the Knowle and Dorridge area for nearly 40 years. They say:

"Alpha provides a path people tend to be able to walk with relative ease to explore their deepest questions.

"Some of those who come don't know anything about Christianity at all, while some would like a refresher. Others think there might be something in it but they aren't sure. Some come with questions like 'What are we here for?' and 'What happens in the end?'

"Whoever they are, those who do the course seem to find it an easy, and comfortable, way to discuss their views and questions and we have seen some lives transformed.

"We have been involved with running four courses now, each one very different, and find it a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and explore together the different aspects of the Christian faith.

"We are so encouraged by the way relationships build and deepen during the course, and people feel at ease to be themselves.

"The sessions are very informal and there is no pressure to continue if you find Alpha is not for you.

"We would love you to join us and we hope we shall meet you on the next course!"