Our Readings Series

Power to be Witnesses…


The title of our Autumn preaching series is Power to be Witnesses – looking at characters in the story of The Acts of the Apostles, who led by the Spirit, start in Jerusalem and move outwards to the ends of the earth, inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit.


We are continuing with our theme of what would it look like for us to become a people who are growing in faith and growing in our relationship with God, with an emphasis on being an outward looking, inviting, attractive, provocative, and welcoming church family. Asking ourselves the question: how can we do what we do differently, to grow ourselves as disciples, who grow others as disciples of  Jesus.


As the risen Jesus was about ascend into heaven his disciples asked for knowledge – dates, times and details. Jesus answers saying that they did not need to know more, but… “You will receive power to be my witnesses…” Acts 1:8. Jesus had assured his friends earlier that when called to give account for their faith they… “Do not need to worry about what to say and how to say it … for the Spirit of your Father will speak through you …” Matthew 10:19


To grow in faith, means that we trust God more, because we know he can be trusted!


3rd September

Acts 3:1-16

Second Reading: Matthew 11:25-30


10th September

Acts 4:12-31

Second Reading: Matthew 6:5-15


17th September


Acts 5:17-32

Second Reading: Matthew 10:1-8


24th September


Acts 6:1-10

      Second Reading: Matthew 20:25-28


1st October

Acts 7:54-60

Second Reading: John 12:23-26


8th October

Acts 8:26-40

Second Reading: Matthew 15:21-28


15th October

Acts 9:1-22

Second Reading: Matthew 7:15-23

22nd October

Acts 10:34-48

Second Reading: Matthew 8:5-13

29th October

Acts 11:19-30

Second Reading: Matthew 9:35-38

5th November

Acts 12:1-19

Second Reading: Luke 11:5-10


12th November


Matthew 16:13-20

Second Reading: 1Peter 3:8-18


19th November

Acts 12:25-13:5

Second Reading: Matthew 28:18-20


26th November

Acts 4:32-47

Second Reading: Matthew 10:16-20